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The Kanu Heart Foundation (KHF) is embarking on its biggest fundraising event since inception. And the event will take place over the months of November and December 2003 and will be in two parts.

1. ‘KHF charity lottery’ 16 November to 21 December 2003
2. ‘KHF celebrity challenge’ 21 to 30 November 2003***(postponed to later date)

The theme for this fundraising bonanza is ‘everyone’s a winner’. Whatever role you play in this – you will be a winner - be you: a sponsor; participant in the celebrity challenge house*; a member of the public who buys a lottery ticket or vote for the celebrities. Everyone’s a winner because by participating you not only have a chance of winning a prize but will make a difference to the lives of many African children.

The Foundation decided to embark on this fundraising event following the ICHF/UNTH project (International Children’s Heart Foundation visit to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital – Enugu) to carry out heart operations on some of the children on the KHF waiting list. With an equipped hospital in Nigeria, the KHF is in discussion with a number of heart institutions across the world with a view to conducting more operations in Enugu. The ICHF/UNTH project marked the start of one of our core aspirations – ‘to establish specialist centres across Africa’. The project was very challenging for us both emotionally and financially. The KHF spent approximately $350,000 for the ICHF/UNTH project – on equipment, which are now in UNTH, and flight expenses for the team of surgeons and nurses from America.

Emotionally, we were disappointed when our target for the ICHF/UNTH project was not met. We had hoped that at least twenty-five children would receive operations as part of the ICHF/UNTH project however, due to infrastructure issues this was not possible. Many of the children and their families were devastated when the dream of a new lease of life was postponed. Many went home feeling very helpless – knowing that their child only has a few months to live and they had no other option but to wait for KHF to raise additional funds. Of the 35 children who went home without the life saving operation – at least twenty will not see 2004 – not to mention Bintu, Nancy, Ofurum and Patrick etc for whom the ICHF/UNTH project came too late!! May their souls rest in peace – Amen

Determined not to watch more children die due to lack of funds we decided not to pause for breath after the ICHF/UNTH project and to work around the clock to ensure that many of the children on our waiting list (of over two thousand) become ‘winners’ thus living to be surgeons, teachers, nurses…. the tomorrows of Nigeria, Africa and the World!

The Foundation is calling on the Nigerian community, businesses, entrepreneurs (everyone who is anyone) to join hands with the KHF in making the ‘win-win bonanza’ project a success by giving generously.


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